About TAXCLUBPRO.com in order to create an appropriate context in economic matters with a special emphasis on taxation for systematic participation and systematic use of collective wisdom and views, with the aim of helping to make decisions, creating empathy and strengthening the spirit of participation in resolution. Problems, communication and coordination between the various levels of society and the sharing of experiences and opinions, the Tax Club in May 2014 as the first social networking expert in the economy in May 2014 to create an atmosphere suitable for familiarizing experts, thinkers, experts And interested in economic topics, especially tax issues, with TaxClub.IR address Started. From 2014 to 2017, a lot of experiences were gained during various events and dealing with a variety of problems and issues. In 2017, according to the people's requirements and determination to increase the rate of economic growth, it was decided to redefine and modernize the tax club as an economic network with an emphasis on taxation. Attention! It should be noted that the tax club has no connection with the tax system of the country and other government agencies and institutions, and the material contained therein is solely the personal opinion of the users.
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